Our Promise

We at CARS promise that every customer we encounter is treated like family. Our highly skilled and professional techs are dedicated to making your experience with paintless dent repair a memorable one, and an experience that you will be happy to share with friends and family!

Follow these steps when you have an auto hail claim:

  • Contact your insurance company to see if your policy covers hail damage.
  • Get your vehicle scheduled for an estimate by your insurance adjuster.
  • Clean your vehicle, so that the adjuster can see all the damage.
  • Let the Adjuster know that you would like CARS to do your repairs.
  • Call CARS at 866-996-3368 to schedule your repair date.
  • Drop off your vehicle and take out any belongings you may need.
  • 1-3 days later pick you vehicle up.
  • Refer friends and family based on how well CARS performed on your paintless dent repair.

My Guarantee

As Founder & Owner of CARS, You have my personal guarantee!

Joseph Stonistch, Founder & Owner

Peace of mind

We are a PDR provider that works with many Insurance carriers, when it comes to Hail Claims.

Choose CARS for your Hail Catastrophe needs

General Questions

PDR is a skilled craft that highly trained technicians use specialized tools and lighting to restore dents from the underside of the vehicle panels to bring it back to its pre accident condition and strength.
NO, dry ice will burn the paint when touched.
On average, most hail claims that are done using just the PDR process take between 1-3 days. If traditional conventional repairs are needed it will take more time due to parts and painting.
No, sometimes the damage is so severe that conventional repair is needed to fix some panels.
It is the condition of the vehicle that is noted during the estimate process. Any damage that is found during the hail estimate including all unrelated prior damage is considered pre-loss condition.
Supplements are additional operations or parts that are missed on the original estimate that are necessary to complete the repair process.
  • PDR is a much less invasive repair process.
  • With PDR you maintain your original factory finish, which in turn will maintain the value of your vehicle higher at trade in or resale.
  • Both processes are valid and necessary at times. By combining the two we are able to cut the repair process down and getting your vehicle back to you sooner.